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3 thoughts on “Tell Us What You Think

  1. Howard Mote II says:

    Saw this at at dental convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, tried it after lunch and was very impressed. Left a cool clean taste.

  2. Madrid Uso Jr D.D.S. says:

    Fantastic product ! as a dentist,I found this product to be effective.My patients love them.
    I would recomend this product to anyone who enjoys having fresh breath and the feeling of confidence one gets after brushing.
    This product is not a replacement for the tooth brush,but it is great for when one is away from home.
    “Great product Rolly” I give you two thumbs up.
    Madrid Uso Jr DDS

  3. Audrey Pankhurst says:

    I love those Rolly Brushes after being out for lunch or dinner, no need for toothbrush after meals, compact to carry in your purse or your pocket GREAT IDEA

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