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The most effective tool to clean your teeth with is the one that gets used!  Rolly is so convenient and simple, that it gets used more often, especially when away from home.  At work, school, travels or play Rollybrush is there to get the job done discreetly, and effectively.  


So small and discreet that you can easily slip it in a pocket, or purse to use wherever, and whenever you like.  You can simply pop it in your mouth, cleaning as you roll it around with your tongue. Requiring no water or toothpaste, Rollybrush is truly the most convenient option for people on the go.


Studies proved that in case of swallowing, Rolly brush would not cause any damage or shock to the digestive system. In fact Rollybrush even has fluoride to make your teeth stronger, and Xylitol to inhibit dental plaque and cavities. Made of a kind of plastic which is suitable for food and not toxic, Rollybrush is the safe alternative when you are away from home.

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How Does Your Family Clean Their Teeth When Away From Home?

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Information On Rollybrush?

How to use Rolly

Use Rolly after lunch and roll it between the teeth with your tongue.

The mechanical action of the bristles will remove any trace of food from your teeth, including those areas that are hard to reach.

Fluoride and Xylitol will leave your mouth clean and your breathe fresh.

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Benefits of Rolly

With 276 mini bristles on every brush, Rolly works on your with a mechanical action like your toothbrush.

Different length bristles gently clean the tongue, while ensuring the removal of food particles and plaque build up between teeth – even the hard to reach areas.

The soft polyamide it is made of was designed for massaging your gums without irritating them.

Xylitol reduces the dental plaque, helping to avoid cavities and reduce the presence of streptococcus mutants.

Fluoride makes teeth stronger, reducing the demineralization of the dental glaze.

Scientific Research

Safety . . .

Studies were carried out on the potential possibility of swallowing Rolly and its transit in the stomach and intestines, through a simulation in a dynamic model. (TIM System).

Results: The product did not release any trace or lose any part during the transit in the mouth, stomach and intestine.

Research was carried out to verify the suitability of the product with the mouth.

Results: the products follow the EC laws concerning food contact material. (EU2002/72/EC).

Efficiency . . .

New York University College of Dentistry Bluestone Center of Clinical Research (U.S.A.) carried out studies on the efficacy of Rolly against dental plaque.

Conclusions: “Rolly comes to be the best way to destroy dental plaque, just after the toothbrush and toothpaste. Approval among consumers is high very similar to those of chewing gum. The sensation of freshness and cleanliness is the same that can be obtained through the use of toothbrush and toothpaste.”

The efficacy of Rolly against plaque was demonstrated by analysing the effects produced in different points of the mouth.

Conclusions: “Rolly pointed out a bigger power in destroying plaque than chewing gum, in all the dental surfaces analysed.”

 Scientific Research Chart

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